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From minor repairs and maintenance to major restorations, Black Wolf Automotive Specialties is your comprehensive collector vehicle expert.
Over the past 20 years, the Black Wolf team of specialists have worked on hundreds of classic, antique, and exotic cars, ranging from early Fords to late model European luxury vehicles, Italian exotics, and just about everything in between.
We specialize in repairing, restoring, and fine tuning the items that most local shops have little to no experience with. We offer Consultation Services, Comprehensive Evaluations, Comprehensive Maintenance, Repair and Restoration services, and information research needed to facilitate your desired end result.


For vehicles we have not seen before, we typically perform an overall inspection and evaluation of the vehicle.
Based on our findings and subsequent recommendations, we then provide you with a corresponding prioritized list, detailing each segment with the estimated investment of materials and labor.
This allows you to then make an educated decision on how to proceed.


Joe Cerutti, Black Wolf customer

Repair Services


We specialize in Major Engine/Transmission Diagnosis, Repair/Rebuilding and or Replacement. Our expert capabilities range from Domestic, European, Asian, Exotic, Antique, and Custom.
The staff of Black Wolf Automotive Specialties is uniquely qualified to perform Major Engine and Transmission Repairs.


The electrical system is the nervous system of your vehicle. One small problem in one area can cause much larger problems in seemingly unrelated areas. Couple that with previous “repair” work that only masked the initial problem, and created new problems, and you have a mess to untangle.
The team at Black Wolf Automotive Specialties are the local experts, supporting the electrical diagnostic and repair needs of many local repair shops and dealers.


Rust repair and paint work are not something you want to take lightly if you are serious about not only the quality of the finished product, but the longevity of the work as well.
Most shops will not perform rust repair because the proper method requires a much higher level of skill than they have on staff. Body repair and rust repair are an art that requires a commitment to quality, and a level of patience and perseverance that most shops are simply not willing to invest. Typical shops simply grind away the rust and cover it with a bondo type body filler that might look good when the vehicle is initially delivered, but holds no longevity, as evidenced by the bubbles that start growing at the repair within months of completion.
At Black Wolf Automotive Specialties, we actually cut the rust out of the vehicle and either install a pre-stamped repair panel, or fabricate the repair panel to be welded into the compromised area. Proper repairs do take longer, and are more of an investment up front, but proper repairs are also an investment for the long run.
If you want your vehicle to still look good after years of enjoyment, then let Black Wolf Automotive Specialties restore your investment properly.


Interior repair, restoration and customization require a skilled craftsman if the work is to look and feel right as well as last. From carpet to headliners to seat covers to interior panels to trim and plastics, Black Wolf Automotive Specialties has the skill and experience to restore, repair or customize your interior, regardless of whether the materials consist of leather, vinyl, or fabric.
If you desire quality as well as longevity, you can count on Black Wolf Automotive Specialties to help you realize your objective.


When it comes to modernizing and customizing vehicles, you are only limited to your imagination. Increasing safety, reliability, performance, ease of use, style, comfort, adding automation, audio and video systems, hands free cellular, keyless go, etc. is becoming more and more popular.
The team at Black Wolf Automotive Specialties has extensive “Restomod” experience, and knows how to get it right.


If there is a classic vehicle you would like to purchase, we might be able to help you find it. We also travel regularly to inspect vehicles for clients and either transport them home with our specialized vehicle hauler, or we can help arrange transportation.
The specialists at Black Wolf Automotive Specialties all started in general auto repair and maintenance. We can also repair and maintain the cars that everybody depends on daily. In fact, they are very easy for us in comparison to most of the projects we play with, allowing quick turnaround and affordable rates.