Black Wolf

1988 BMW 325I

This BMW 325i had been sitting in a barn for 10 years before it saw Black Wolf, overheating and stalling out while accelerating when it finally started again. This customer wanted to restore this BMW into a daily driver.

Black Wolf not only restored the 325i into a daily driver again, but also restored its quality as a time capsule of the era.

Here’s how we restored it:

  • Cleaned fuel tank 
  • Flushed fuel lines 
  • Replaced chassis mounted fuel filter 
  • Replaced oxygen sensor 
  • Replaced spark plug wire set & spark plugs 
  • Replaced distributer cap & rotor 
  • Set ignition timing 
  • Cleaned engine block components 
  • Replaced timing belt and water pump 
  • Replaced cylinder head & gasket 
  • Replaced crank shaft seal 
  • Installed radiator & plumbed cooling system 
  • Oil change 
  • Installed new ecu 
  • Replaced tires 
  • Replaced brake calipers, pads, parking brake shoes, rotors, & outer hoses 
  • Replace inner brake hoses 
  • Replace brake master cylinder 
  • Flushed brake system 
  • Installed brake pad wear sensors 
  • Loom brake wear and speed sensor wiring 
  • Replaced transmission mount 
  • Replaced driveshaft coupler 
  • Replaced antenna grommet 
  • Resealed third brake light to trunk lid 
  • Created 3D model of third brake light seal 
  • Replaced windshield & seal 
  • Installed windshield locking strip 
  • Replaced wiper grommets on cowl 
  • Replaced convertible top & seals 
  • Replaced exhaust system from the manifolds back 
  • Replaced carpet 
  • Cut out rusted floor section & fabricated patch 
  • Panel bonded patch 
  • Cut out battery tray, removed & treated rust 
  • Welded in new battery tray 
1988 BMW 325I front view before restoration
1988 BMW 325I side view before restoration
1988 BMW 325I engine bay before restoration
BMW engine repair / rebuild
1988 BMW 325I disk brakes before restoration
Restored 1988 BMW 325I disc brakes
convertible top before restoration
convertible top restoration Black Wolf Auto
1988 BMW 325I convertible top restoration
Restored convertible top after restoration
Black Wolf Auto metal / rust repair
BMW interior before restoration
Black Wolf Auto interior restoration
1988 BMW 325I interior after Black Wolf Auto restoration