Black Wolf


This 1983 Chrysler Cordoba came to Black Wolf with a few electrical and A/C concerns as its components wore down.

Black Wolf restored this Chrysler Cordoba to its luxury status with improved comfortability features, reclaiming its brand.

Here’s how we did it:

  • Replace fuel sending unit and adjust float level 
  • Install new wiper cam 
  • Install wiper motor and wiper arm link  
  • Install new compressor, condenser, and receiver drier 
  • Reinstall a/c compressor 
  • Charge a/c system 
  • Replace cluster dimmer switch  
  • Replace door chime assembly 
  • Replace cluster light bulbs 
  • Replace cruise control servo and retest 
  • Replace left front headlight 
  • Install and calibrate fuel gauge module 
1983 Chrysler Cordoba front view
1983 Chrysler Cordoba side view
1983 Chrysler Cordoba engine bay restoration