Black Wolf


At Black Wolf, we not only do high-end restorations, but also classic-specific maintenance items.

This 1969 Chrysler Newport came to Black Wolf for a few lapsed maintenance items, in addition to some mechanical and electrical concerns that come with age.

This Chrysler Newport left Black Wolf refreshed and in pristine condition.

Here’s how we did it:

  • Adjusted convertible top frame 
  • Fit new glass panel & top 
  • Installed seals & adjusted windows 
  • Installed boot well liner & clean up interior 
  • Installed front header wind lace 
  • Replaced radio 
  • Replace window channel guides 
  • Replaced starter relay (customer request) 
  • Oil change 
  • Removed & centered steering wheel 
  • Installed coolant reservoir cap & overflow hose 
  • Replaced damaged trim 
  • Installed new hydraulic cylinders & hoses
  • Installed new calipers & brake pads 
  • Replaced front brake hoses 
  • Replaced headlight switch 
  • Replaced ignition light relay timer 
  • Replaced wiper motor 
  • Replaced wiper switch 
  • Rebuilt radio 
  • Replaced cooling fan clutch 
  • Replaced heater valve & hoses 
  • Replaced tires 
  • Replaced glovebox liner 
  • Re-key door locks 
  • Replace turn signal switch & test functionality 
  • Replaced door strikers & rubber bumpers 
1969 Chrysler Newport convertible top front view
Chrysler convertible top repair
Black Wolf Auto convertible top repair
1969 Chrysler Newport convertible top replacement at Black Wolf Auto
Convertible top replacement
1969 Chrysler Newport with new convertible top after Black Wolf Automotive Specialties
Door before restoration
Door during window replacement & repair restoration
classic door panel restoration
Classic window restoration / replacement
Black Wolf Auto window replacement
Classic car door after restoration
1969 Chrysler Newport interior