Black Wolf


At Black Wolf, we not only provide high-quality restorations, but also high-quality customizations that exceed customer expectations.

This 1965 Pontiac Lemans came to Black Wolf for our show-worthy restorations and race-worthy customizations, so that’s exactly what we did. The Pontiac Lemans left Black Wolf with top-quality restorations and customizations.

Here’s how we did it:

  • Fabricated transmission mount riser 
  • Mounted engine & transmission 
  • Replaced driveshaft 
  • Fabricated steering stops on spindles 
  • Installed coil packs and fuel injector rail 
  • Fixed fuel system plumbing 
  • Installed power steering pump and reservoir  
  • Installed alternator  
  • Installed throttle body 
  • Installed starter motor 
  • Fabricated & installed power steering lines 
  • Installed serpentine belt 
  • Modified clutch rod and route clutch fluid reservoir hose 
  • Install brake booster 
  • Install custom throttle cable 
  • Rust repair 
  • Install front clip & core support 
  • Install radiator 
  • Fabricate radiator brackets 
  • Installed thermostat housing 
  • Replaced rag joint 
  • Installed custom emergency brake cables 
  • Rewelded suspension bracket 
  • Reinstalled axles with new seals 
  • Replaced differential pinion seal 
  • Fabricated & Installed oil filter housing block off plate 
  • Welded in O2 bung 
  • Modified engine block for header fitment 
  • Fabricated exhaust 
  • Fabricated heat shield for fuel filter 
  • Welded on exhaust tips 
  • Mounted terminator ECU & run power wires 
  • Installed starter motor wiring 
  • Wired in fuel pump 
  • Installed cooling fan relay kit 
  • Wired in gauge cluster 
  • Cut shifter hole 
  • Fabricated section of transmission tunnel & Installed 
  • Installed heater hoses 
  • Installed spark plugs 
  • Installed air filter 
  • Installed driver’s seat 
  • Installed dipstick 
  • Primed oil system 
  • Set up terminator wizard 
  • Replaced alternator 
  • Tuned carburetor 
  • Adjusted clutch pedal 
  • Reinstalled engine 
1965 Pontiac Lemans painted red front view
Red1965 Pontiac Lemans rear view
1965 Pontiac Lemans engine bay red
Black Wolf Auto restoration metal fabrication
Black Wolf Auto metal fabrication
Black Wolf auto restoration sheet metal fabrication
Black Wolf Automotive Specialties metal fabrication shifter restoration
1965 Pontiac Lemans engine restoration / rebuild