Black Wolf


This 1960 Chevrolet Apache was shipped from Florida to our shop with a few age-related issues, including a faulty ignition switch, inoperable dash gauges, and 20-year-old tires.

Black Wolf restored the Apache to a top-tier, reliable running condition.

Here’s how we restored it:

  • Mounted & balanced tires 
  • Painted & installed lower steering column mount 
  • Repaired turn signal 
  • Replaced taillamp lenses & gaskets 
  • Installed & wired in rear license plate holder 
  • Installed new dome light 
  • Replaced ignition switch assembly  
  • Replaced glove box and installed light 
  • Replaced all dash cluster bulbs 
  • Removed & sandblasted steering column 
  • Painted & clear coated steering column 
  • Installed steering column components and install column into vehicle 
  • Wired in turn signal switch 
  • Installed new tail lamp assemblies 
  • Traced & corrected wiring for rear lights 
  • Installed horn & secured harness 
  • Installed air cleaner 
  • Replaced dash cluster gauges 
  • Installed new coolant temperature sensor 
  • Secured hanging wiring 
  • Replaced fuel hose to the sender 
  • Replaced stripped out transmission crossmember bolt 
  • Reattached firewall padding 
  • Replaced wiper motor assembly; made wiring/ground connections 
  • Reinstalled cowl 
  • Installed wiper switch, rewired switch & wiper motor 
  • Replaced lens on speedometer 
  • Continued with reinstallation of speedometer lens 
1960 Chevrolet Apache painted yellow & white front view. Yellow & white classic truck
1960 Chevy Apache rear view. Yellow & white classic truck
1960 Chevrolet Apache engine in-line 6 cylinder classic engine