Black Wolf


This 1942 Pontiac Torpedo came to Black Wolf for a restoration after experiencing mechanical wear from age, including wear on the clutch and brakes.

This Pontiac Torpedo left Black Wolf in top-notch mechanical condition, making a safe and smooth ride.

Here’s how we restored it:

  • Installed new outer wheel bearing 
  • Rebuild gearbox 
  • Color match & paint steering column 
  • Reinstall steering gearbox 
  • Performed alignment 
  • Replaced damaged horn 
  • Repaired fuel level sending unit wiring 
  • Replaced pilot bearing and clutch disc 
  • Replaced differential pinion seal & refill differential with gear oil 
  • Reinstalled transmission & driveshaft 
  • Replaced clutch linkage 
  • Modified clutch pedal adjustment rod to improve pedal position 
1942 Pontiac Eight: Pontiac Torpedo maroon & tan side view
1942 Pontiac Eight: Pontiac Torpedo maroon & tan rear view
Pontiac Eight: Pontiac Torpedo straight-8 engine. Inline 8 straight 8 engine 1942