1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible

Like a lot of older cars, this 1970 Olds Cutlass Convertible had its share of gremlins when it came to Black Wolf. It had several electrical issues, had a few leaks, wasn't running properly, and was behind on maintenance, among other things.

Since Black Wolf, this Cutlass is now a much more enjoyable car to drive, and several years later, it’s still as reliable as it is luxurious.

Here’s how we fixed it:

  • Corrected the Electrical Problems
    • Fixed the Charging System
    • Switched out the Battery
  • Tuned the Engine
  • Exchanged Fluids

  • Replaced Expansion Valve
  • Charged the System with r12
  • Front Seat
    • Recovered
    • Repadded
    • Original Style Cover Material
  • Cleaned and Detailed Dash